Improving Quality

In line with our commitment to continually improve the quality of clinical care and service provided to our patients we have recently completed our annual review of complaints (March 2022). Complaints are few and we seek resolution as soon as possible according to our complaints policy. The annual meeting is attended by clinical and administrative staff and as a team we analyse each case allowing us all to reflect on our practice and learn to improve patient experience and care.

From March 2021 to March 2022, the Practice received 14 complaints; 4 complaints related to administration and 10 to medical matters. They were analysed for any learning and advised to the appropriate external organisation.

Confidentiality prevents publication of specific details, but all complaints have been resolved internally.

Any individual criticism is/has been/will be reflected on via the formal annual appraisal of clinicians and appraisal of colleagues; no single clinician or colleague is disproportionally represented. Some correspondence related to medical procedures that the Practice enforced in order to maintain patient safety and duty of care to our patients. The procedures and reasons for them were clarified to those patients.

The Practice recognises that good effective two-way communication remains pivotal to avoiding problems or getting them resolved.

We welcome and encourage patient and carer feedback via the comment cards within Practice and the electronic feedback via the website, text and patient sign-in screens.

We also have an active Patient Participation Group that regularly meet each quarter, to which all patients are welcome.

In this continued time of change and pressures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope that we can continue to work with you, to meet yours and our own high expectations of the services we provide for you. Thank you for your continued support.’