Community Pharmacy Consultation Service

We are participating in a new approach to improve access for patients to GP appointments. The aim is to direct patients to the most appropriate healthcare professional, which may be a GP or a pharmacist.

From 24th January 2022 if your symptoms could be resolved by a booked consultation with the pharmacist instead of the GP, you will be given a same-day referral to a pharmacy of your choice. Please see list of symptoms below that can be referred to the service.

We think this is a good thing. Once you see how great your local pharmacist is – they are highly trained and skilled clinicians experienced in treating minor illnesses – we don’t think you’ll look back.

This will also help us to free up GP appointments for people with more complex health needs and ensure that everyone gets treated at the right time, by the right healthcare professional.

We are keen to hear what you think and will be listening to your comments and feedback about your experience of using this service.

• acne, spots and pimples
• allergic reaction
• ankle or foot pain or swelling
• arm pain or swelling
• athlete’s foot
• bites or stings, insect or spider
• blisters
• cold or flu
• constipation
• cough
• diarrhoea
• earache, ear discharge or ear wax
• eye, red or irritable
• eye, sticky or watery
• hair loss
• headache
• hip, thigh or buttock pain or swelling
• knee or lower leg pain or swelling
• lower back pain
• lower limb pain or swelling
• mouth ulcers
• rectal pain, swelling, lump or itch
• shoulder pain
• skin, rash
• sleep difficulties
• sore throat and hoarse voice
• tiredness (fatigue)
• toe pain or swelling
• vaginal discharge
• vaginal itch or soreness
• vomiting
• wound problems – management of dressings
• wrist, hand or finger pain or swelling.