Home Blood Pressure Monitoring


We are encouraging patients  who need regular blood pressure monitoring,  to purchase their own blood pressure machine and send us seven days of readings (morning and evening) which will then be reviewed. This is to enable us to maintain patient care and reduce the number of visits to the Practice.

There is good evidence that home readings give more reliable results and reduces the requirement for high doses and multiple medications. It is our intention that this system will continue once the current healthcare crisis has passed and so purchasing this equipment will be vital for the ongoing management of your hypertension.It is advised that you record 7 consecutive days of readings morning and afternoon using the following (or similar template): https://bihsoc.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Home_blood_pressure_diary.pdf

Blood pressure monitors can be purchased online, and it should be a machine which goes around the upper arm and NOT around the wrist, see this website for recommendations:  https://bit.ly/36DJnCj 

Instructions on how to use these monitors can be found at : https://bihsoc.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/How_to_instructional_leaflet.pdf

Any results can be sent back via post or logged through our website, please do not phone these results through. A clinician will review your results and contact you only if further action is required.

Thank you